Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us.

      I've been with Joicy for a few months but I've known her for years! Great person and very professional. Get ready to work really hard and you'll see your body start to change in no time! She has great and well thought out workouts that are always changing, so you won't be bored!

    thumb Aline R.

      Joicy Ann has the experience, much knowledge, and a huge passion to whip you into shape!!! So I dare you to take the Joicy Fitness challenge, you won't be disappointed!

    thumb John J.

      Before going to Joicy, I had attempted to start working with a couple of other personal trainers, but was always too uncomfortable with them to continue. Joicy is very patient and understanding, and exercising has now become a part of my regular routine. She always makes a huge effort to work with my crazy schedule, and I can't thank her enough!

    thumb Yoly J.

      Great personal training service, she know how to deliver proper training and very attentive.

    thumb Roberta Q.

      Great personal trainer, Great feeling, Great personality and grateful. She is very dedicated on my needs and feelings and helps me understand/explains the moments very well. I do recommend everyone to contact her.

    thumb Priscilla H.

      My wife and I have been working out with Joicy for 2 months. We are really satisfied, and we can see the results in our strength and weight loss.

    Joicy is a really dedicated personal trainer. She is always aware about your postures and how you are landing the exercises. More than one time, she changed one of my exercises in order to prevent lesions since I wasn't able to perform it with the right posture. In few words, I feel safe training with her.

    thumb Wanderley G.

      In the last three months I have done a online workout and diet with Joicy, I have learned a lot and the result is very satisfactory.

    thumb Leonardo N.

      By far the best personal trainer I have worked with yet! What I really loved about her is how caring she is and concerned if the weights are too heavy or if something is hurting and if I'm in pain. You can see that she actually cares for your well being and isn't just interested in the money.. I have Arthritis and not many people really care if I'm in pain, or if something is hurting me, but she really respects that and doesn't push me too hard.10/10 PT, sign up ASAP because her schedule is filling up!
    She has a great personality and really good vibes, I honestly love to wake up early in the morning to train with her, and p.s. Im not a morning person.. I guarantee you will love working out with her 🙂

    thumb Esther D.

      She was highly recommended to me by a friend and she's knowledgeable and well known in the fitness industry.

    thumb Julianne H.

      I wish I could give 10 stars! Joicy is a very kind professional. I love how dedicated she is and also how she inspires me everyday. I would totally suggest her for who are looking to achieve their physical goal and wellbeing. Thank you for supporting me to have a healthier lifestyle.

    thumb Anne E.